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The Story (Part 6)

The new plans showed the true extent of Matt Downs' vision our cottages were surrounded by car parks. There now was several buildings on the reclaimed land a VERY large port and pier at the Robertsons yard part of the complex.

The enlarged image of the plans have been pieced together from 4 seperate scans but I have tried my best to piece them together into a whole to give you an idea of the magnitude of the expansion, this doesn't even show the existing marina which would be to the left of this.

December 6th 2006 arrived. The area committee, who's job it is to pass any planning application, first of all went to the marina (on site visit) then they were invited to my house to see it from our perspective which they duly did.

We attended a packed village hall, after the area committee had time for their lunch and never had I seen so many in favour of the development at any previous meetings, it was like all parties with interests in the marina had all been given the day off to lend support.

Having never attended an area committee hearing for planning approval before I didn't know what to expect, so I stood where I could. The supporters of the marina were given the floor first to express their views, each time they spoke it was to rapturous applause from the "rent-a-mob" who had attended this time round. It all looked very "staged" to me, but eventually the objectors were given their chance. All throughout the time given to the objectors they were jeered and the childish heckling that you usually see in parliament by "rent-a-mob", not only that I witnessed Bruce Marshall (Vice chaiman of the committee) throughout the whole of the objectors time allocated whispering in the Chairmans ear, so I don't think any of the views given by the objectors were given a fair hearing.

It was after, at the summing up of the meeting when the decision was made, that Bruce Marshall stood up and produced a prepared statement wholly in favour of the development, not surprising as he had been in favour since the beginning. It's only when you read the guidelines for these types of hearings that it strikes a raw nerve with me.

Hearings are there to hear both sides of the coin, any decisions regarding granting or not, are supposed to be done after hearing all the facts on the day. Bruce Marshall and all the other members of that committee had been in my house that day and all that time Bruce Marshall (the vice chairman) had in his brief case a prepared statement already in favour of the development

All of this has been passed by planning now and we are still fighting to stop this unnecessary infilling, as Matt Downs has said at meetings in the past that this infill is his pension fund where will it end? Will he build houses on it? I think he will, we have said it all along the man is devious since arriving in the village to the present day his plans moved from a beautiful park area to what can only be described as a retail park, so why not houses too?  Argyll & Bute council has given this man a sizeable piece of real estate at the cost of the people living on the shore.

Our fight has now been passed into the expensive realms of civil litigation, with regards to our rights, both planning and Bruce Marshall (our elected representative remember) have washed his hands of our concerns

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