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The Story (Part 5)

So anyway, work carried on with the marina. The landslide was eventually cleared up and it dried enough for Matt Downs to start using it as a storage yard for any kind of material, he had started stockpiling for a later date, materials he would then use to start his next onslaught on the seashore. This was piled up right up against the boundary wall which is 8-9 feet high between the yard and the cottages and was higher at some points that the height of this wall. Far from cleaning up a mess left by the previous owner he was making it worse.

Then in 2004/2005 the plans came through that all of us campaigning against the infill dreaded and suspected all along.

The latest plans submitted were of an infill incorporating car parking right in front of the cottages, several commercial buildings, restaurant, offices and toilets. Only this time they also showed a very large new pier capable of berthing 10,000 tonne ships.

For some reason people who had been all for the marina and its infill suddenly changed their minds about this whole idea, after seeing the plans for the "timber pier" (as Matt Downs calls it. (I remain sceptical about its final useage)).

Anyway a lot more people started to object to the proposals. Our main concerns now, (Our concerns about the health risks from dredging works having been "proven" to be misguided by SEPA etc) about drainage and potential for flooding and our access right to the Holy Loch were as always, dismissed with a "they have been addressed" answer.

Matt Downs feverishly submitted plans (fine tuning to keep planning happy and trying to address concerns over drainage that the roads department had submitted) even being allowed to issue incomplete plans to the public, to avoid having to pay planning for resubmission and the planning department allowed letters in favour of the marina to be submitted for consideration from a well known derelict house next to the marina called, Harvester cottage/house (If the person using this to voice opinions what else is the address being used for and are they paying council tax?). Eventually in the latter part of 2006 the final plans were up in front of the area committee for planning approval on the island of Rothesay.

At that time they were halted pending some issues with several parts of the plan that needed ammending but another hearing was agreed for December 6th 2006.

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