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The Story (Part 4)

The action group SOS we had formed in 1999 to voice concerns over the infill were never taken seriously, we were met with apathy and sometimes hostility and in fact the local councillor Bruce Marshall gave the impression that he did not like us.

We had raised concerns as to the suitability of the dredged materials being toxic, loss of amenity, privacy and security for our properties created by the infill. We had also voiced opinion that there was a hidden agenda, that Matt Downs, far from creating just a parkland for recreation, would in fact build on the reclaimed land. We had concerns of car parks, hotels, houses and businesses being built on it, all strongly refuted by Matt Downs. Bruce Marshall actually went on record as saying,

"This group seem to be concerned about things which are more to do with themselves rather than the general good. They are trying to get more support from the village, but personally I don't think they will succeed."

At that time the community council, I feel just saw dollar signs from this development and were not at all interested in genuine concerns from the people living directly on the proposed development. We were accused of disrupting meetings.

At several community meetings we tried to voice concern but these fell on deaf ears, one member of the community was so exasperated by the whole thing he continually spoke up at these meetings very passionately. The community council even asked for a police presence which we feel was a means of trying to intimidate and censor us from speaking up. We were even branded "troublemaking In-comers" at one meeting which was passed by the chairman of the meeting without a flinch. You can read a report in the local newspaper about one meeting here  entitled "TEMPERS BOIL OVER INFILL MEETING" from december 2003 where even then Matt Downs was still talking about landscaping the infilled area and you can also see the objectors comments regarding the ultimate use of the reclaimed land.

Matt Downs, while speaking with someone at the marina who berthed his yacht there, spoke of his plans for the expansion and pointing along the shore at the properties there called us "the enemy" unknown at that time the person he was speaking to, in fact was "one of the enemy", after which followed a bout of "foot in mouth" syndrome from Matt Downs.

To the right is the plan for his first proposal and as you can see there is no mention of buildings.

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