The Holy Loch Marina

From the other side





The Story

11 years ago my partner and I started looking for a place to buy. We didn't have a lot of money but eventually found this little cottage  on the shores of The Holy Loch in Sandbank.

We had looked at other properties in the surrounding area, seen a few good ones and at first we had reservations for buying this one. The picture on the left was taken way back in 1912 and as you can imagine, the road now is a lot busier (in fact it can sometimes take us 10-15 minutes to cross the road safely at the busiest times, especially if a ferry has just docked at Hunter's Quay). The cottages now have fences 4 feet from the front then it's the main road (The only road into Dunoon from Glasgow) there is no pavement, so that was our first reservation. We then stepped into the cottage and to be honest it was in a pretty run down state and we wondered whether to just leave it there and then and continue looking for another house, but we decided to give it a chance (looking beyond the decor). It was when we stepped out the back door of the cottage that our minds were forcibly made up for us.

The traffic noise we had encountered while in the house had disappeared and the decor of the cottage completely forgotten, the view was stunning.

A mature ornamental cherry tree stood in the middle of the garden with views right across the Holy Loch to Kilmun on the other side and all the way over to Helensburgh. We decided to buy there and then and contacted the solicitor to make the arrangements.

We waited anxiously hoping that our offer would be accepted and finally the news that we were hoping for came. We rushed to the solicitors office to sign the deal and it was there that we found out that the cottage came with a right to access the loch and this gave us a right to tether a boat from our back garden.

I hadn't thought of anything like that, but it made me plan ahead that one day I would get myself a boat and we could sail around the many lochs in the area.

Life was good.........