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This is what is happening to the view of several gardens on the Holy Loch in Sandbank near Dunoon in the county of Argyll & Bute. A marina development to encourage tourism into the area but at what cost to the people living next to it?     

Read the story of our 8 years, struggling against Seavision ( Scotland ) Limited, Matt Downs, Local planning and an unnecessary infill for a marina that is going to take up to ANOTHER 12 years to complete, so that one man can have a decent pension. This is my story of what has been happening past, present and future so read on....

If after reading my story about my predicament, the degredation of the Holy Loch, which was becoming a very vibrant, wildlife retreat since the american base dispersed and you have anything to say please feel free to add it on the comments page but please don't swear as my son can see this site also.

Last updated 19th May 2007

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The site looks like it will have something new on it most days, unfortunately, which is why I have added direct links to the separate pages just in case you wish to skip to the latest episode of what looks like a never ending nightmare.


Mistakes By Matthew Downs (That I know Of) To Date

2002 - Very Large Landslide due to not shoring up dredged material.
2006 - Smaller Landslide but more serious as could have caused damage to property, same mistake as last landslide..
Februaury 2007 - Commenced work on infill with no safety fences erected or site safety notices.
4/5th March 2007 - started infilling rear of gardens, No retaining wall, No Drainage in place, No safety fences or notices, No warning of works to neighbours.
9th March 2007 - No drainage at site of infill, flooded gardens adjacent due to rainwater.
12th March 2007 - Placed 6" Diameter pipe to allow drainage.
13th March 2007 - Removed 6" pipe and replaced with larger diameter that worked
14th March 2007- Finally put up safety fence at neighbouring properties.
19th March 2007 - Finally placed site safety notices on safety fencing.
22nd March 2007 - Subsidence of my garden.
22nd / 23rd March 2007 - Allowed construction vehicles to exit on to main road depositing debris and mud on road without any road signs advising of mud or skid hazard.
 27th March 2007 - Dust in village very bad due to the mud drying out and being stirred up by traffic. / Still no signage, warning of site traffic entrance or of mud on road.
19th May 2007 - Flooded garden by removing drainage. (page12)



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